Smith & Wesson M3000 Pistol Grip Shotgun Kit with CS Airsoft Pistol

  •     Pump-action shotgun & pistol kit
  •     Spring-powered
  •     Full Smith & Wesson trademarks
  •     BAXS hop-up unit
  •     Magazine with BB reservoir for additional capacity

The Smith & Wesson M3000 airsoft shotgun kit features two airsoft guns, the single shot & quick pum M3000 & spring-powered Chiefs Special 45 airsoft pistol. Both guns are officially licensed replicas and faithful airsoft versions of their original firearm counterparts. Both guns can hit a quarter from a distance of 20 feet and have BAXS hop-up units that afford shooters with greater long range accuracy. The M3000 has a 180 rd capacity with shot velocities ranging from 345-355 fps (using .12g BBs). The Chiefs special pistol has a 70 rd magazine with shot velocities ranging between 190-200 fps (using .12g BBs).

To fire the M3000 shotgun in single shot mode, cock the loading handle foregrip backwards and then forwards in one continuous movement and pull trigger to fire. To fire the M3000 in quick pump mode, hold trigger down and quickly move the loading handle foregrip back and forth to pump out shots continuously.

  • Caliber:    6mm
  • Velocity:    355 fps
  • Overall Length:    20.08"
  • Shot Capacity:    180
  • Barrel:    Smoothbore
  • Scopeable:    Yes
  • Action:    Pump
  • Safety:    Manual
  • Powerplant:    Spring-piston
  • Function:    Repeater
  • Hop Up:    BAX - both ways
  • Material:    Plastic
  • Ammunition:    0.12g
  • Body Type:    Shotgun
  • Weight:    1.35 lbs