CO2 Airsoft Pistol & Rifles

GasFueled CO2 airsoft gun. The blowback models have a moveable slide that shoots back with quickly with every shot, this feature creates authenticity and fearce draw back. Non-blowbackgunsdo not have this feature. However, they are a bit moreproficient utilizing the CO2. When firing, the gas power of the CO2impels the BB and drives the blowbackactivity creating a realistic feeling. 


CO2 gas powered airsoft guns use gas to shoot out a very powerful BB. These airsoft guns require 12 gram CO2 cartridges in order to fire.  The majority of gas powered guns are pistols, but there are plenty of gas powered airsoft rifles as well today in the market. Most these airsoft guns come with a automatic blowback feature which adds a touch of recoil to give the feel of a real gun.