The Airsoft Capture Target™ (Patent Pending) is a simple yet revolutionary new target for airsoft BBs made in the USA. The outside is made of corrugated cardboard soft enough for airsoft pellets to penetrate. Inside is added a much thicker and more dense piece of cardboard that the BBs do not penetrate. The result is that the airsoft pellets penetrate the outer layer bounce off the inner layer and fall inside the target compartment. No more searching for and picking up stray pellets off the floor.


  • Manufacturer: Targets Online (Co-branded with Raptors USA)
  • Made in the USA
  • Soft outer shell allows pellet to penetrate
  • Hard insert stops pellets for containment
  • Easy assembly instructions inside package
  • Bullseyes on front zombie head on back
  • Easy open spout for disposal of pellets

Has been successfully tested with 6mm plastic airsoft pellets at the following velocities and distances:

  • 265 – 300 fps at 10 feet
  • 300 – 350 fps at 20 feet
  • 350 – 400 fps at 20 feet
  • 400 – 450 fps at 25 feet
  • 450 – 500 fps at 35 feet
  • 500 – 500 fps at 50 feet
  • 550 – 600 fps at 80 feet

Will not work with low velocity guns sold by some big box retailers or in full auto mode