Double Eagle DE M56A Tri-Shot Spring Airsoft Shotgun FPS-320

The DE M56A Tri-Shot Spring Airsoft Shotgun is a great room clearing weapon. The pistol grip full stock allows for maximum weapon retention as well as stability. Its tri-shot capability allows 3 BBs to be fired from its 3 individual barrels in one cycle. The open iron sights allow for quick target acquisition and its short barrel allows for maximum maneuverability.

  •     Spring Powered
  •     Plastic Construction
  •     Pump Action
  •     Multi-Shot, 3 BBs Each Shot
  •     Full Stock

  •     Spring Multi-Shot M56A Shotgun FPS-320 Full Stock Airsoft Gun
  •     1 Shell/Magazine
  •     Speed Loader
  •     Strap
  •     Barrel Cleaning Rod
  •     Sample Bag Of BBs

  •     FPS: 320
  •     Magazine Capacity: 30
  •     Size: 35 Inches